Mommy’s Letter to 4-year old Angela

Dear Gelapie,

By the time we read this, you’ll be the same age as your Ate was during the time that I wrote this letter. Sounds confusing noh? Hehe. Basta as I wrote this, I imagined telling you stories about you when you were just 1. By the age of 4 I think you can already understand and relate to these stories.

I wanna tell you how kulit you are. You have a mischievous smile when you take something from your Ate or cousins and try to run away with it. That same smile you give to Daddy when you tease to kiss him then suddenly looks away. You even attempt to walk backwards when you tease us, as if you want to see our reactions to confirm that your pang-aasar was a success yet you move away to escape our grasp and make us more asar.

You’re also very demanding. When I get home from work, you will demand to nurse even if I haven’t even put down my bag yet, or changed clothes or eaten dinner. You will pull down my clothes and latch anywhere even while standing. You have a way of getting what you want.

You don’t seem sweet because you never make lambing. Everything you ask is always in a stern voice. But then we’ll hear you call Nanay in a very sweet tone, aahh kagigil! Coz I know you can but you don’t do the same for me or Daddy! You also don’t want hugs or kisses, but I still shower you with both! Ang sarap mo kasi gigilin!

I know that when you turn 2 or 3 or 4, some of these will change. Maybe you will be less naughty or less demanding or be the one to shower me with hugs and kisses. Or not! Hehe.

No matter how you grow up, I want you to know that I’ll love you just as much as when you were 1 with all your kakulitan and even more. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by how much love I have for you and Ate and Daddy. I love you my kulit! Mwah! ❤️



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